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100Holdings owns and operates a group of closely knit global business and technology consulting companies. Currently, the portfolio comprises of three companies- Ameri100, CX100, and Now100. We focus on depth and specialization of offerings through each of our individual companies, while collectively converging as a portfolio to solve our customers business problems and addressing their ever-changing technological needs. Our market focus at this time is North America while our operations are global.


Our Companies


Our Approach: We adopt a two-prong approach for expansion– organic and inorganic respectively. Mergers and acquisitions in a specialized rollup template, with a focus on up-and-coming business and technology-related consulting firms, particularly those with well-known specialized experts, forms the core thesis of inorganic expansion. We also focus on acquiring companies whose fundamentals are strong, but whose performance outcomes are inadequate due to a multitude of reasons. We acquire and undertake a comprehensive transformation and turnaround of such companies and scale them in our portfolio.


What we do: A family of B2B services companies, 100Holdings specializes in technology needs, from enterprise software to knowledgeable personnel. By focusing on all things technology-related, 100Holdings provides consistent value to its client organizations.

How we do it: 100Holdings actively seeks out experts in a variety of technology arenas. The company expands through mergers and acquisitions, focusing on up-and-coming technology-related consulting firms, particularly those with well-known experts who are extremely knowledge in their chosen areas.


Leadership Team


Ameri100 is a fast-growing, end-to-end reseller and partner of SAP’s portfolio of solutions. The company bridges the gap between strategy and execution to assist its customers with every phase of their technology roadmap. As one of the largest pure-play SAP partners in the United States the company helps design, implement, and support technology transitions in its customers organizations.


CX100 is a full-stack, customer experience focused organization. Our goal is to fully understand how you and your products can create the best journey for your customers. When we best understand that journey, we can craft the ideal solution to help you perfect it.


Now100 offers the highest quality professionals and solutions to help clients with their complex technology needs. Now100 is committed to understanding our clients’ needs and providing solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. We match thoroughly vetted resources to contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent positions in all industries.